Bakery Business Cards


  1. Through these business cards, people will swarm all over your bakery in no time. The Cupcake Shop business card's the classiest and most presentable one for me.

  2. Posting up these cards is easy. Having to choose just one to purchase, well that's a toughie. So thank you for your comment as I'm sure potential buyers would find it helpful.

  3. Business cards or invitation cards are one effective way of instilling your brand name into the minds of your target market.

    @YM Chin: Are you the one who made all these cards, Chin? You're pretty good! You should try working in an advertising company.

  4. No, I did NOT design these cards. If you look at the caption underneath each card, there is the title of the card followed by the person who designed it. So these are the works of some very talented people whose background may not even have anything to do with graphic design!

    I just display some of these wonderful designs here. And it wasn't easy to choose as there are thousands other just as great looking cards at Zazzle. But for simplicity sake, I had to choose only a few. Sigh...

    Finally, thanks so much for your comment. You got a very good point there. A lot of us forget that business cards create an important first impression to the recipient. So once again, thank you!