T-shirts for Bakeries

Boost your bakery's image with comfortable t-shirts as part of the uniforms for your staff. Not only will it enhance customer satisfaction, staff will be happy for it as well. The best part is these bakery t-shirts are functional, comfortable and look awesome. Also great as gifts for your loved ones who love cupcakes, cakes or cookies.

Chess Designs for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases

I like to play chess so coming up with some chess themed designs were kind of fun. Add in the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and we have some chess themed cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3 designed by Tees2go. Hope you like them!
Chess Pieces in Waves Samsung Galaxy S3 Case Chess Pieces in Circles Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

Google Tees

I think Google t-shirts are cool. I love the doodling design that grace the Google homepage to mark holidays and anniversaries. Then there's designs featuring the birthdays of famous artists, pioneers, and scientists. So with this I present you Google tees by Google Doodles at Zazzle. For more Google merchandise, go to Google Doodles on Demand.

T-shirts for Teachers

Check out these shirts for teachers. Comes in many styles and t-shirt materials. Makes great gifts for your beloved teacher or yourself if you're a teacher!

Business Cards for Barbers

Great selection of business cards for barbers. Also check out's Business Card Volume Discounts and receive a quantity discount on any order of 2 or more different or same business cards!

 Business Cards for Barbers

Floral Photography Messenger Bags

Beautiful messenger bags with floral photography as the theme. Prices start from $104.95. If you would like more details about the bag itself, read Lovely Floral Messenger Bags. Happy browsing!

Floral Vintage Messenger Bags

Vintage styled messenger bags designed by various talented artists with Prices start from $104.95. Look out for sales when making your purchase where discounts can go up to 20% for messenger bags! To know more about the features of the bag, read my write up on Lovely Floral Messenger Bags.

Vector Art Floral Pattern Messenger Bags

The Rickshaw Medium Zero Messenger Bag is very practical indeed. Couple that with some lovely floral designs and you get a practical bag that's a fashion icon. Take a look at these vector art floral pattern messenger bags by some talented artists with If you would like more details about the bag itself, then read my write up on Lovely Floral Messenger Bags.

Colourful iPhone 5 Cases

Because of the dimensions of the iPhone 5 case, all kinds of designs look good on them. In this post, I introduce some colourful designs that are difficult to categorise, such as floral or vintage. The designs are unique and may not have any particular theme, except maybe "beautiful artwork". Enjoy!

Bubbles Samsung Galaxy S3 Cases by Tees2go

I like bubbles and after a lot of dreaming and experimenting, finally came up with this zig zag pattern. The dreaming took months, the experimenting took a whole night. Had to choose the right colours, positioning and size of the bubbles, and a whole lot of other blah blah blahs. The end result looks like intricate beadwork, the kind that my dexterous mother-in-law would have been pleased with. While those beadworks of yesteryears would take months to complete, these 2D designs took only a night to do. These case designs are also available for the iPhone, Motorola, Blackberry, HTC. Go check them out at Hope you enjoy!

Girly iPhone 5 Cases by Tees2go

I stayed up real late last night to come up with these iPhone 5 cases:

1. Sunrise (or sunset) on the horizon with blue waves:

Fairy Themed iPad Cases - Part 2

Couldn't get enough from Part 1? Well here's more fairy themed iPad cases for you to drool over. The cases are arranged in order of the respective artist. Enjoy!

Fairy Themed iPad Cases - Part 1

I'm sure you'll agree with me that the following fairy artworks by various Zazzlers are AMAZING! I've decided on the iPad case 'cos I think it's the right dimension for these beauties. Click here for part 2. Hope you enjoy the artwork as much as I have! (If you're interested to buy, just click on the image and you'll be taken to the respective Zazzle store where you can make your purchase.)

Kindle Fire Skins

Okay, okay, I admit that this post is a bit long. You should have seen the original list, it was much loooonger! After some painful cuts, I'm pretty satisfied with what is here. Lots of designs with different themes for everyone. So enjoy browsing through these decals for Kindle Fire tablet and if you happen to see one that you like, just click on it and you'll be taken to the Zazzle site where you can make your purchase.

Avengers Mousepads

I don't often go to the movies, but when there's a Marvel Comics movie in town, my kids go gaga. And before you know it, we're in some cinema munching on cloyingly sweet popcorn waiting for our superhero to blast onto the screen complete with sound effects blasting into my ears. And once I'm in, I never regret it. If there's any movies worth going for, then I have to admit, it's gotta be Marvel Comics movies. So with this, I present you Avengers mousepads by the Avengers at Zazzle. Hope you enjoy the visuals...

Girly iPhone 4 Cases

Got a minute? Well if you do, browse through these 'girly' iPhone cases and just enjoy the artwork. All are pretty, some are feminine pretty, some are cute pretty and some are just strikingly attractive. And if you happen to see one which you MUST have, then just click on it and you'll be taken to the Zazzle store where you can make your purchase. Happy browsing!

 Girly iPhone 4 Cases

More Messenger Bags

It isn't easy designing for messenger bags, but I think once Zazzlers got a feel for the shape of the bag, the way it folds, the colours and designs that best fit, then the selection for great looking messenger bags just mushroomed. In fact, a lot of these bags are Zazzle's Today's Best Award winners. Here are some of my favourites (oh there's so many more but there's only so much that a post can take) and I hope you like them too...

Happy Mother's Day Cards

Mother's Day is approaching and look what I found, lots of lovely mother's day card and some funny ones. Looking for a card, perhaps the following can help...

Purple Pillows

This blog does not do justice to Zazzlers. There were so many lovely purple pillows to choose from, I was going heady. I'm sorry I can't put all fantastic purple pillows here, otherwise this will become a purple pillow blog. Maybe one day, I'll do another post on purple pillows again. But in the meantime enjoy...

 Purple Pillows

Beach Themed Grocery Totes

Grocery totes where the theme is the beach. Fantastic graphics by talented Zazzlers make these grocery totes colourful and fun to have...